Teach Well Toolkit Programme

Implementing a Whole-School Culture of Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health

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The Teach Well Toolkit Programme is a comprehensive three-term step-by-step programme for implementing a whole-school culture of staff wellbeing and mental health. It is designed to be used by the School Wellbeing Lead, or a teacher in a similar position, to co-ordinate the delivery of the Toolkit, to track its progress and to evaluate its success.

The Teach Well Toolkit Programme uses 'Heights' a learning management platform which divides the programme into modules which are then sub-divided into Steps . By following the six modules in sequence, the Wellbeing Lead follows a recognised path of whole-school change and is fully supported in the school's journey. 

Fully customisable documentation is included with the Teach Well Toolkit, including emails to staff. The programme can be tailored to the needs of the school: it can be fully delivered or the school can choose to focus on certain sections.

A licence for the Wellbeing Lead to an online progress and evaluation tool, iAbacus, is included with the Teach Well Toolkit. This enables the Wellbeing Lead to track progress during its implementation, to identify challenges and to plan how to overcome them.

About Steve Waters

Steve Waters and Suneta Bagri are co-founders of Teach Well Toolkit School Membership. The Teach Well Toolkit Programme supports schools to implement a culture of staff wellbeing and mental health, reducing staff illness, improving retention and promoting recruitment. We are committed to prioritising the wellbeing of staff. If we look after the mental health of our staff, they will be able to teach well and to care for the mental health of our children.

Steve Waters has 40 years' experience in education, including 30 years as a secondary English teacher, Head of Department and Assistant Principal and 6 years as a school improvement consultant with a local authority. Steve holds the NPQH and is an online and project assessor for the NPQML and NPQSL qualifications. He is a Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and an elected council member. He is also a qualified Counsellor, a wellbeing coach and a Mental Health First Aid Instructor (Ofqual regulated). Steve's book 'Cultures of Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health in Schools' was published in June 2021 and contains 32 case-study chapters written by headteachers or wellbeing leads, describing how their school developed a staff culture of wellbeing and mental health (mybook.to/cultureswellbeingsch) Steve has four grown-up children and lives in Manchester.

Suneta Bagri has 25 years' experience in primary schools, including as headteacher of a range of schools which she led out of challenging circumstances. Suneta is a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, a Wellbeing and Mental Health Coach and a Bereavement Counsellor. She provides headteacher coaching through the teachers' charity Education Support and has recently undertaken Supervision training with the charity. Suneta runs the Every Teacher Matters network which is provided as part of Teach Well Toolkit School Membership. This includes 6 online meetings during the year where wellbeing experts are invited to share strategies to improve self-care. She is also a wellbeing governor at a school within a Multi-Academy Trust. Suneta has three children at secondary school and lives in Coventry.
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