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Using Google's G Suite to save time, reduce paper and communicate more effectively with your learners

Hi Hana

Here is the link to the basic classroom I have created so that you can see how you could structure it:
The Google G Suite (formerly Google Apps) is completely FREE to schools, colleges and universities:

How can using G Suite contribute to your well-being? G Suite can:

  • Reduce paperwork by assessing learners' work digitally
  • Create a dialogue with learners
  • Create a Google Classroom online where assignments can be uploaded, deadlines automatically saved in public Google calendar and marks recorded
  • Save your comments automatically in Google Sheets
  • Create a simple Google Site for your own class
  • Motivate and engage your learners

This is what G Suite includes:

  • Google Drive - unlimited storage. Documents/Images etc in edit form or completed can be automatically saved.
  • Google Sheets - intuitive. No formulae needed. Can accept data automatically entered into a Google Form.
  • Google Form: Can be embedded on a website for surveys, questionnaires etc.
  • Google Slides: Google version of PPT.
  • YouTube: Instructional Videos.
  • Hangouts: Online meetings and live messaging.
  • Google Docs: Can be used so that several people can collaborate on a document. Word docs can be uploaded and converted to Google Docs.
  • Google Calendar.
  • Google maps.
Also ChromeBooks - basically a small notebook which is connected to the internet and integrated fully with G Suite. Around £299. Advantage is that nothing is saved on the notebook itself so when a learner logs out using their Google account, the next learner is able to use a ‘clean’ machine. Very reliable. Software automatically updated when connected to the internet.
My advice would be start small - with one class and use G Suite in parallel with current schools systems and gradually do more with G Suite. You will then be able to show other teachers what you can do and encourage others to use it.
As it costs nothing, there is nothing to lose!
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